Champion Reverse Weave: The History

With over 100 years of expertise, knowledge and high-quality craftsmanship within the fashion industry, American powerhouse Champion caters for both on and off the court. Blending sporting apparel with urban street style, the label began as a wholesale clothing company until the founders – the Feinbloom brothers, noticed a lack of high-quality clothing for athletes, so they placed their focus upon manufacturing comfortable and durable sportswear.  

To overcome the shrinkage that came with the frequent washing of said sportswear, Champion invented the world’s first engineered sweatshirt. Carefully crafted on the grosgrain, the Reverse Weave sweatshirt prevented shrinkage and was automatically snatched up by sports teams across America, keeping players warm during practice and when on the sidelines. The idea was founded in 1934, and the label applied for patenting in 1938 which was eventually granted in ‘52.  

Renowned for their bold hues of blue, red and white and the iconic ‘C’ brand logo, Champion has made a significant return to the new age trend of streetwear within the last decade. For both streetwear fans who seek a throwback ‘90s style for their wardrobe and those who never lost faith in original styles from the brands first time around – Champion presents the sustainable Reverse Weave, along with instantly recognisable typography for their new line, available now at Psyche. 

Each piece from Champion is delicately crafted with fine detailing and durable techniques made to last. Stitched together with superior methods, the brand presents T-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging bottoms, jackets and shorts giving your streetwear outfit a nostalgic and vintage look. The urban styles are decorated with logo heavy prints and collegiate style lettering making the laid-back sporty apparel instantly recognisable.  

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May 06 2021