50 Years of C.P. Company

From the very beginning, 1971 to be exact, the Italian fashion house known as C.P. Company has been a figure of innovation and creativity within the fashion industry. As the brand enters its 50th year in the industry at the hands of the legendary Massimo Osti, the label enters an intense program of collaborations and paying great homage to five decades of human innovation.  

The first chapter was written in 1971, but not much has changed. The fashion house still continues to hold a hands-on approach with a smiling beacon of confidence and strength. Founded originally under the name Chester Perry, the brand later changed its name to a more mature, sophisticated C.P. Company, inaugurating one of the most explosive and influential bursts of creativity in the history of sportswear and street style. Taking inspiration from military anti-gas goods, the Italian power house explores utility and function in a way no other fashion brand does. From garment dying that no other had or would ever have attempted, to logos never seen before – C.P. Company can only be described as iconic. Born of clear functional necessity, the C.P. Company garments deliver technical revolution that is a huge hit with the new generation. Almost each piece from every collection is stamped with the brands ultimate trade mark – the goggle lens logo, which is as instantly recognisable as it is appreciated.  

Spending five decades in the world of fashion, C.P. Company has generated an almost cult-like following and it comes as no surprise that the original brain of the label – Osti, is recognised as the ‘Godfather or urban sportswear’. Combining military style, high quality craftsmanship and exceptional fabrication and experimentation, C.P. has and always will lead the way in the sportswear meets streetwear industry. The brand strives to deliver carefully crafted stand-out pieces season after season, made for the expressive individual. Browse the collection of C.P. Company, available at Psyche today. From outerwear, to sweatshirts and hoodies, premium T-shirts and accessories, each garment details the iconic goggle lens and branding, all carefully crafted for you to step into the weekend in true utility style and confidence.   

Apr 26 2021